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Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds

Everyone Belongs

Since 1973, Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds in San Leandro, California has been a place for people of the San Francisco-Bay Area to come together as part of a strong, loving community of like-minded Classic Modern Spiritualists. We’re always happy to see you and warmly welcome visitors every Sunday 10:30am-Noon. 

Veteran's Hall
1105 Bancroft Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577

10:30am Healing Service
10:45am - Noon Devotional Service

Mailing address:
1271 Washington Avenue
San Leandro, CA 94577


Our Community

Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds has a long, proud history of serving the community of San Leandro, California since 1973. Through the dedication of our Church Board, Mediums, Healers and volunteers, we are committed to the teachings of Modern Classic Spiritualism and are here to share in learning with those interested, for we all are on a journey. We are open to everyone, all ages and backgrounds and strive to lead all who practice with us towards a deeper love for Infinite Intelligence, ourselves and our Spirit Guides and Loved Ones through mediumship and our Spiritualist Principles.

What do we believe?

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Two Worlds News

Hello dear friend,


As the year is coming to an end and a new year is approaching, I can't help but notice how many people are being led back to our little, yet mighty church after being away for years, some even decades. We don't believe in coincidences which means that all of you who are returning to church, there's a reason. We hope with all our hearts that you find whatever it is that fills you up with love, personal responsibility, compassion, giving back and inner work to find your peace of mind with the help of spirit. We strive to create the positive ripple effect in the world, so welcome once again to your church and may you expand your thinking, be proactive and help others find their way too. Let's put our religion to work to create a better world. 

Our December Program:

12/3    Ilham Myrdal, Medium, Healer, Pastoral Committee member, longtime member.

12/10   Judy Verhoek, Medium, Healer, longtime member.

12/17   Sharing Testimonials: How is Spiritualism helping your life. Feel free to share

12/24   Tracy Thatcher, Medium, Healer, Secretary, Pastoral Committee, longest running member.

12/31   Annie Love, Board President, Medium, Healer, longtime member.


What to expect at church:

10:30am Healing Service (come step away from the world for 15 minutes and just be).

10:45am Devotional Service

Spirit Greetings

Church ends at noon.

*Cash donations & CloverGo card reader accepted during church now.

Vegan Potluck served after. Feel free to bring a dish and share with the community.


Veteran's Hall

1105 Bancroft Avenue

San Leandro, California



Online Church Service:

Please join us Wednesday December 13, 2023 7pm – 8:30pm for our online church service. We have Nola coming to share a lecture with us. Nola Bonecutter-Vale is a member of the Las Vegas church and we can’t wait to hear her thoughts on Spiritualism. We hope you can attend, mark your calendars.


Zoom ID: 831.7085.4388

Passcode: 12345

Cameras must be on out of respect for our Speaker and Mediums, thank you.


We have a public gift list on Amazon that is helping to keep us going. We will probably start asking for more warm throw blankets as Winter approaches. Thank you to everyone for your support! Contact Tracy Thatcher if you’re having issues with the link. Here is the Amazon link (copy and paste):


We are on Social Media:


Facebook page:


X (formerly Twitter): 


National Spiritualist Association News:

All current information from the NSAC can be found on our back table, including the updated bylaws and paper newsletters.

Links of interest and lists of classes:

Morris Pratt Institute (educational classes)

National Spiritualist Association of Churches:

NSAC Online Classes


Thank you and blessings,


Tracy Thatcher

Secretary, Board Member SCTW

Pastoral Committee

Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds, NSAC, San Leandro

Mailing address:

Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds San Leandro

1271 Washington #140

San Leandro, CA 94577

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December 13, 2023 Online Church Service 

Join us on Wednesday December 13 at 7pm (PST) for our monthly online church service with our guest speaker Nola Bonecutter-Vale from the online church in Las Vegas. We look forward to hearing from her and what she has to share with us on her experiences with Spiritualism. We hope you can join us.

Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 813.7085.4388

Passcode: 12345

7pm Welcome

Declaration of Principles


Spiritual Address

Spirit Greetings in an open forum (cameras on please)

Meeting ID: 931 7572 0470

Passcode: 12345

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Sunday December 3, 2023 Church Service 

This Sunday we have a very special person, a long-time member, Medium and Healer gracing us with another lecture on Spiritualism. We're happy to welcome Ilham Myrdal back to our podium for her words of wisdom and healing energies that we all can use these days. We hope you can join us.
What to expect:

10:30am Healing Service

10:45am Devotional Service

Church ends at noon.

*Cash donations

Healthy plant-based potluck lunch and conversation directly after church service.

Veteran's Hall

1105 Bancroft Avenue

San Leandro, CA

*Parking across the street in school lot if needed.

Children, and quiet dogs welcome.

December 3, 2023

Speaker Ilham Myrdal December 3 2023.jpg

December 10, 2023

speaker judy verhoek december 10 2023_ed

December 17, 2023

Speaker Testimonials Sharing December 17 2023 (1).jpg

December 24, 2023

speaker tracy thatcher december 24 2023.jpg

December 31, 2023

speaker annie love december 31 2023.jpg


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Contact Us (mailing address)

1271 Washington Ave, San Leandro, CA 94577, USA



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