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Schedule of Services

Please join us for our in-person church service every Sunday. Healing is at 10:30am and our Devotional Service with Spirit Greetings is at 10:45am, ending at Noon. We ask that you be on time. 


 In-Person Sunday Service

Veteran's Hall

1105 Bancroft Ave, San Leandro, CA

 10:30 am - Noon

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Online Church Service

2nd Wednesdays of the month

7 pm - 8:30pm

Zoom ID: 813.7085.4388

Passcode: 12345

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Absent Healing Prayer

Every Wednesday Silently Join In to send a universal healing to those in need.


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Thinking of Visiting Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds? Come see if we fit, we'd love to meet you.

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